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News. Another rape. Child murdered. War somewhere. Few thousand jobs gone. But none of this matters 'cause it's a royal birthday.

When queen Phaedra falls madly in love with her stepson Hippolytus, catastrophe is inevitable. The prince has no interest in anyone's affections, and his refusal soon throws the nation's morals into irreparable turmoil.

Sarah Kane's second offering is a darkly humourous adaptation of the classic tragedy of Phaedra and Hipolytus, satirising the 'tell don't show' tradition of Greek drama. Through movement and video we intend to present this modern classic as a strongly visceral and experiential performance.



Directed by Julia Midtgard

Performed by Callum Partridge, Hannah Torbitt, Sam Skoog, Siofra Dromgoole, Erfan Shojanoori, Lourenço De Almeida, Raymond Wilson, Aea Varfis-van Warmelo and Anna-Kathrin Lindner.


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by Sarah Kane

A brilliant performance

★★★★Edfringe Review

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