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On Christmas Eve, Gary, Simon and Cherry are somewhat accidentally holding a hostage. One that claims to be an employee of an International Gift Distribution Agency - or put simply: one of Santa's elves! While they quarrel about money, presents and broken family traditions, the elf might just happen to know where their old Christmas spirit disappeared off to and exactly why Christmas stops being magical when you're all grown up.


The perfect antidote to frilly, fluffy, festive entertainment, Anthony Neilson's hilarious Christmas comedy for adults is a real treat. This slightly twisted tale is perfectly recognisable for everyone who wondered just when Christmas went from pure magic to a pain in the arse!


Directed by Julia Midtgard

Performed by Andrew Davies, Chris Duffy, Scott Johnston, Jenny Barron


Renfield Lane, Glasgow

8-11 December 2019, 7.30pm

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