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Returning home from her honeymoon, Hedda discovers she is in a horrifying state of perpetual boredom. Her new husband, esteemed academic Jørgen Tesman, excites her no more than his antiquated research does, and her dream house feels like a prison of new wealth. All Hedda desires is power over someone else’s fate. And for one single act of true, voluntary courage to shatter the shackles of bourgeoisie mendaciousness.

Ibsen’s 1891 masterpiece still challenges us today through Hedda’s unashamed truthfulness and brutal unmasking of others’ charades. Her behaviours are not pleasant, yet we are compelled to follow her into the abyss. A piercing psychological thriller exploring the 
dangers of not being true to ourselves and the  catastrophe we unleash when we finally take off the mask.

Translated, adapted and directed by Julia Midtgard

Performed by Rhiannon Bird, Johnny Orr, Beth Leishman, Andrew Davies and Alex Paterson.

The Old Hairdresser's

Renfield Lane, Glasgow

27-28 October 2019, 7.30pm

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