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by David Greig

In the South Queensferry pub Brewers Fayre, Anthony is waiting for his internet date who seems in no hurry to make an appearance. Instead the very charming Christine enters, with her sights set on the empty seat next to him.


Roland Barthes suggested that waiting for a lover is like a play in three acts, and that is precisely what we intend to explore through this text. In our adaptation Christine is performed by Anthony, cheekily exposing all his anxieties of being abandoned as he dredges through excuses, anger and grief for the woman who seemingly wanted him less than he wanted her.



Directed by Julia Midtgard

Performed by Callum Partridge

Scene 17 of Brewers Fayre was performed as part of Playwright Studio Scotland's event Crossing the Lines at the Arches, Glasgow on March 25th 2015

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